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Framehunt Entreprises Pvt Ltd

Wedding Photographer in Kochi

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We Are A Team Of Photographers, Videographers And Editors Who Are Constantly In Search Of Introducing Cutting Edge Production Quality To The Wedding Film Making Craft That We Are So Passionately Indulged In. We Eat, Drink And Breathe The Many Aspects Of Wedding Film Making And Always Deliberate Within Ourselves On How To Go About In Order To Achieve Next Level. We Have A Strong Affinity For The Candid Mode Of Photography And Videography And Our Extensive Array Of Work On The Same Is The Grandest Of Advertisements That Can Speak For Us As Well As The Quality Of Our Creative Efforts. As Far Back As We Can Remember, We Have Remained Huge Movie Aficionados, A Fact That Helps Us To Bring In A Great Deal Of Cinematic Beauty To The Projects We Are A Part Of.

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Wedding Photography, Candid Photography, Candid Videography, Candid Cinematography, Wedding Album Design, Wedding Video Editing, Corporate Function Coverage, Destination Wedding, Concept Videography, Maternity and Kids Photography, Corporate Film Making
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Wedding Photography : Wedding Is That Point In Life Where A Boy Meets The Man In Himself And A Girl Encounters The Woman In Herself. We May Come Across Many Turning Points In Our Lives, But None Of Them Guarantee Happiness, Hope And Unconditional Love As The Occasion Of Wedding Does. Capturing The Essence Of Each And Every Moments Of A Wedding Is A Craft That Requires Special Skill Set Which ‘Framehunt’ Are Masters Of. The Fun, The Energy, The Religious Flavor And The Multitudes Of Colors Present In All Wedding Functions Are Artistically Stored In Our Camera Frames For You To Keep For A Lifetime.
Wedding Videography : Moving Images Belonging To Life Are Always A Fascination For Us. This Very Inclination Leads Us To Play In Splendid Detail, All The Glorious Moments From Our Bygone Days On Our Mind’s Silver Screen, Over And Over Again. Chart Such Moments Into A List, The Occasion Of Wedding Will Come Atop. We Have A Supremely Talented Videography Team Equipped With All The Modern Day Tools To Live-Capture A Wedding Event With All The Ceremonial Grandeur It Deserves. Now, Reliving The Special Moments Of Your Wedding Has Become Forever Greater With Us.
Candid Photography : Every Function Is Packed With An Abundance Of Light-Hearted Moments. There Exists A Peculiar Zest For Such Moments And Capturing Them Wholly And Aesthetically Is A Challenge Unto Every Professional Photographer. Click The Camera Fraction Of A Second Early Or Late And It Will Ruin The Inherent Beauty
Candid Videography : Quite Often, We Find Ourselves Surrounded By The Merriment And Exuberance Of Life Which We Would Want To Store Somewhere So That It Can Be Recalled At A Later Time. Candid Videography Is Just About The Fulfillment Of That Wish Taken Hold Of Every One Of Us. The Maneuvering And Improvisation Skills Demanded By Candid Mode Are Painstakingly Huge In Which Our Team Of Videographers Is Methodically Trained And Aptly Equipped.
Candid Cinematography : In Simple Terms, Cinematography Is The Manipulation Of Light Or The Properties Of Light. With A Profound Knowledge In The Ways Of Bending Light With A Video Camera, We Can Achieve Stunning Results Enriched By Beautiful Frames. Candid Cinematography Is Creating All The Buzz In A Social Media Sensitive Public Sphere These Days And We Know For A Fact That We Are The Best Team To Cater To That Demand.
Wedding Album Design : Wedding Album Design Has Evolved Over The Years To Become Not Less Than An Art Form. With The Revolutionary Changes Rapidly Happening In The Fields Of Software Backed Digital Design And Printing Technology The Quality Standards Set For Wedding Album Design Are Enormous. For Us, Sky Is The Only Limit Here As We Have At Our Disposal All The Latest Technology And Manpower Needed To Deliver Upon All Sorts Of Client Demands.
Wedding Video Editing : No Matter How Extravagant Or Simple A Wedding Function Turns Out To Be, The Footage Shot Thus Come Into Its True Colors Only When Edited With A Judicious Blend. The Task At Hand For An Editor Is To Seamlessly Arrange The Wedding Event Flow Onto A Timeline, Apply Sensible Transitions Between Scenes, Add Complimenting Sound Tracks And Tweak The Frames Wherever Needed. Our Editing Team Is More Than Capable Of Achieving The Aforementioned Results Effortlessly.
Corporate Function Coverage : Corporate Functions Are A Different League Altogether And Covering Them Requires Proper Planning, Highly Flexible Work Ethics, Technical Know-How And Attention To Even The Smallest Of Details. The Fluidity And Adaptability Of The Production Team Is Of Paramount Importance Here. The Prowess To Combine All These Characteristics In A Professional Way Is What Makes Us The Champions Of ‘Corporate Function Coverage’.
Destination Wedding : There Are No Limits For Dreams. A Woman Dreams About The Prince On Horseback Riding Through Pristine Landscapes And Approaching To Take Her Away To A Faraway Kingdom. A Man Dreams About The Princess Riding In Golden Chariot Who Suddenly Spots Him In A Medieval Thoroughfare And Getting Smitten. In Short, Meeting Our Life Partner Has An Age Old Connection With A Dream-Like Setting. The New Trend Of ‘Destination Wedding’ Is An Elaboration Of That Connection At Present Times. Our ‘Destination Wedding’ Packages Are The Realization Of Such Dreams.
Concept Videography : One Thing About ‘Concepts’ Is That They Are Not Limited To Particular Individuals Or A Certain Group Of People. Anybody Can Come Up With A Good Concept And There Are No Restrictions Of Age, Experience, Religion, Caste Or Gender. However, Developing A Concept Into A Well-Made Film Or Documentary Needs The Support Of A Flexible Production Team. Our Expertise In Concept-Based Videography Can Provide The Edge Here.
Maternity and Kids Photography : The Blissful Aura Of Motherhood Emanating From An Expecting Mom, The Divine Purity Exhibited By A Newborn, The Eternal Bond Between Parents And Children And The Playful Naughtiness Of Little Kids - All Are Priceless Moments Worthy Of Imprinting Onto Our Memories. What Better Way To Cherish The Sweetness Of Such Moments Than Storing Them As Photographs And Getting Blown Away By The Nostalgia Contained In Them At A Later Time? This Once In A Lifetime Experience Is What We Offer Through Our Special ‘Maternity And Kids Photography’ Package.
Corporate Film Making : Corporate Film Making Carries With It All The Sophistications Involved In High-End Movie Making. The Class And Quality Expected From Such A Film Is Of Gigantic Proportion Making It All The More Complex To Conceptualize, Plan And Execute. The Experience And Dexterity Of ‘Team Framehunt’ In Corporate Film Making Is Par Excellence And Every New Project Is A New Challenge For Us.
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