Whether during a romantic dinner or through a drawing in the sky, the “Will you marry me?” is without a doubt one of the most exciting stages in the whole marriage process. But these four words also trigger a real race to D-Day, which can often be a very stressful process for the bride and groom.

After the “yes,” it’s time to plan the wedding. How to get started together in the organization of your own wedding? Every couple has their wishes and dreams, but I always tell my clients that the most important thing to start with is the guest list. Take the time to discuss this together and make a list of the people you really want to invite on the big day. At this point, it’s good to decide whether you want a small, intimate wedding or a large event with hundreds of guests.

Determining the number of guests is key to successfully taking the second step: choosing the perfect venue. The number of guests will influence other aspects of your wedding planning, so make sure you get this step right! From the menu to bar service, to printed invitations and freebies, it all depends on the number of guests.

A good, accurate list and a minimum number of guests can also save you money. For example, when you request a quote from a caterer, you will quickly find that the more guests you have, the lower the prices per person. Why? Besides food and service, logistics and operational costs depend on the number of guests you plan to invite. My advice is to be careful, reduce your minimum number of guests by 10%, just in case you have any last-minute cancellations that you still have to pay for.

After the guest list comes to the biggest challenge in wedding planning: how are you going to personalize it, create a unique experience for you and your guests? Finding the right balance between the tastes, wants, and preferences of each of the groom (s) can be a challenge, and knowing how to compromise is essential.

From the design of the invitation to the menu to the concept of service (buffet or sit-down dinner), to the decoration or to the shows, listen to your two hearts and your two minds to put together the wedding of your dreams. If you have an amazing idea but don’t know how to execute it, don’t hesitate to talk about it around you and seek professional help.

Like migratory birds, we travel a lot, and even like to move abroad, which leads to the formation of couples from different countries and continents. In recent years, I have had the honor of working with many binational couples: an Israeli with a Scotsman, a Canadian with a Parisian but also couples who live far from their country of origin. If you are inviting friends over for that very special day to a destination far away from their country, you will need to organize more than the wedding itself. Other smaller events or activities will have to be planned to occupy those who come from afar. These guests will probably go to great lengths to come to celebrate with you, so take care of them.

It is important to make the date of the wedding known at least six months before D-Day so that guests can block the date and take care of their transport and accommodation. Help them by offering them a list of possible accommodation, for example, apartments or hotels to book on airbnb. Make their life easier and give them all the essential details they might need.

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