Everything You Need To Know About The Event Planner

The event organizer, also known in some locations as an advisor or ceremonial, is responsible for orchestrating all suppliers, appointments, budgets so that everything fits perfectly on the big day. Have you ever thought about taking care of it all on the most important day of your life? It can’t, right?

The most interesting thing is that the investment in the organizer ends up being reversed in savings because this professional when hired in a complete plan, will direct you and assist in closing other contracts with the maximum knowledge in the area and thinking about what will be the best for YOUR wedding and within your financial planning.

And How It Works?

The first step is an interview with customers, to get to know all the details they want on their big day and to absorb the personality of the newlyweds. 

After a lot of conversation, it’s time for financial planning and the couple’s availability. This part is very important because from there, the organizer will define the next steps to fit the bride and groom’s dream within their financial possibilities. 

Once the budget is resolved, it is time to choose the suppliers.  It is interesting to trust the tips of your organizer at that moment; he is already getting to know you and knows the suppliers available on the market, so he knows who works well and matches your desire.

Why Hire An Event Organizer?

An event like a wedding requires many details to be taken into account. As most grooms do not have a sense of prices, professionals, or places, it is interesting to have someone to help you in this process.  An organizer is an investment that will help you put everything on track and make everything happen as you dreamed. 

How To Choose One With An Organizer?

They make parties the face of the client, but involving the creativity and expertise of the company, is a very important aspect for an incredible job. In addition, the team seeks to make each party unique and unforgettable, always innovating and differentiating in every detail. 

Know How To Select The Best Advice For Your Wedding

We have separated 6 very important tips for you to make the right choice:

1} Search, Search And Search More.

No contracting without doing a lot of research first. Look for references (preferably brides, remember that competitors may not be very fair when mentioning another professional), research about the advisor, find out what courses he has taken and if he is updating himself.

Always remember: experience and preparation are different things. Experience is very important, but be careful not to hire someone with years of experience but little preparation and no updates. New professionals also enter the market every day with new and updated ideas and fresh courses in mind. Therefore, what you should take into consideration in the first place is always the professional’s preparation and security – also, see if he is not with outdated ideas or very different from yours. If possible, talk to brides who have already married and used the service, recommendations from other customers provide security and peace of mind so that you do not discover certain problems on your wedding day. Check the level of satisfaction and if all the agreement has been fulfilled.

2} Do Not Choose For Value

First, put it very deep in your mind that the whole event depends on the capacity of this professional and see how much you are willing to spend. The value should not be the deciding factor; remember that often cheap is expensive, and quality and low price rarely go together.

The ceremonialist also has a lot of expenses in the organization of a wedding, such as gasoline, maintenance of a vehicle, thousands and thousands of phone calls, often to other cities or cell phones, internet, email, in short … you believe that the advisor is a SERVICE-only professional, without identifying all the PRODUCTS that are embedded in this provision of services and that demand a high maintenance cost.

Do a price search; there is nothing wrong with saving, but be aware if the value is well below average. Remembering that there are several advisory packages (of the day, of the week, complete … we will talk more about that in another moment), so when comparing, be aware of the services included in these.

 3} Book Interviews

Talk to some advisors in person and find out if there is an affinity. This professional will spend a lot of time with you during the preparations, so a good relationship is very important. Talk a lot before the decision to find out if the advisor is friendly and easily accepts your ideas. A bit of awkwardness on the first date can turn into something much worse in the moment of pressure.

4} Ask For Detailed Budgets

Always in writing, the budget must be detailed so that you can compare the advisors better, knowing well what each one offers. In addition to facilitating research, you check whether the most expensive budget has too many services or not.

5} Take All Your Questions

Don’t be embarrassed about asking questions that may seem obvious; you may be surprised at the answers. Only leave the meeting when everything is clear, and you have understood all the details. It is very common in meetings with brides looking for the advice of the week – which is indicated for those who already have all the details solved and needs the help of an advisor to organize and supervise the execution of the event – the bride says, “My God, it’s a lot of detail! I didn’t know all that was missing! “. For this reason, generally, the most suitable consultancy is the complete one, which accompanies you from the beginning.…

How To Successfully Organize A Wedding

Whether during a romantic dinner or through a drawing in the sky, the “Will you marry me?” is without a doubt one of the most exciting stages in the whole marriage process. But these four words also trigger a real race to D-Day, which can often be a very stressful process for the bride and groom.

After the “yes,” it’s time to plan the wedding. How to get started together in the organization of your own wedding? Every couple has their wishes and dreams, but I always tell my clients that the most important thing to start with is the guest list. Take the time to discuss this together and make a list of the people you really want to invite on the big day. At this point, it’s good to decide whether you want a small, intimate wedding or a large event with hundreds of guests.

Determining the number of guests is key to successfully taking the second step: choosing the perfect venue. The number of guests will influence other aspects of your wedding planning, so make sure you get this step right! From the menu to bar service, to printed invitations and freebies, it all depends on the number of guests.

A good, accurate list and a minimum number of guests can also save you money. For example, when you request a quote from a caterer, you will quickly find that the more guests you have, the lower the prices per person. Why? Besides food and service, logistics and operational costs depend on the number of guests you plan to invite. My advice is to be careful, reduce your minimum number of guests by 10%, just in case you have any last-minute cancellations that you still have to pay for.

After the guest list comes to the biggest challenge in wedding planning: how are you going to personalize it, create a unique experience for you and your guests? Finding the right balance between the tastes, wants, and preferences of each of the groom (s) can be a challenge, and knowing how to compromise is essential.

From the design of the invitation to the menu to the concept of service (buffet or sit-down dinner), to the decoration or to the shows, listen to your two hearts and your two minds to put together the wedding of your dreams. If you have an amazing idea but don’t know how to execute it, don’t hesitate to talk about it around you and seek professional help.

Like migratory birds, we travel a lot, and even like to move abroad, which leads to the formation of couples from different countries and continents. In recent years, I have had the honor of working with many binational couples: an Israeli with a Scotsman, a Canadian with a Parisian but also couples who live far from their country of origin. If you are inviting friends over for that very special day to a destination far away from their country, you will need to organize more than the wedding itself. Other smaller events or activities will have to be planned to occupy those who come from afar. These guests will probably go to great lengths to come to celebrate with you, so take care of them.

It is important to make the date of the wedding known at least six months before D-Day so that guests can block the date and take care of their transport and accommodation. Help them by offering them a list of possible accommodation, for example, apartments or hotels to book on airbnb. Make their life easier and give them all the essential details they might need.